How to Always Know What to Do

While Sadhguru engages the youth of the country in lively debate, in this poem, he reveals an underlying dimension of his being that is beyond discussion, difference, and duality. “Just playing with you, as deep/down in this me there is really/no you and me. Just playing…”

Just playing…

There are private spaces
in my mind where I agree
with all and sundry. But
there are public spaces in my
mind where I could debate
all that anyone says or thinks.
This is not a Contradictory
Existence, just that deep down
I never took sides of any sort.
Though I stand stoutly for all
that I take up. Don’t you go
thinking I am in a confessional mode
Just playing with you, as deep 
down in this me there is really
no you and me. Just playing…

Love & Grace

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